Friday, October 20, 2006

Thanks to all my sisters at SBO for the nudge to update my guys rock!

Where do I begin? It's been quite a while and I really wish I could be like my friend Nikki ( She's an awesome blogger and I really love how we're able to peek into her daily life! :) Thanks Nikki!

Well, since my last post, at the beginning of August...

**I celebrated my 31st birthday. Sheesh...I don't feel like I'm 31 at all. I received many beautiful birthday cards, my parents took Dan and I out for my birthday dinner, my very best friend took me out for dinner, and we talked the night away, I received money towards my Pentax underwater camera, a gorgeous handmade mini-album from my dear friend Marjorie (, an issue of "Cards" from my cool friend Carolyn (, a cute "Fresh Watermelon" decoration from newly "American-ized" friend Krystin ( and lots of birthday wishes from special people in my life! I apologize if I missed anyone! Love you all!

**I threw an all day (10am-3am) scrapbooking party at my house for my sister, SIL and my very best friend Brenda. Her SIL Amber also stopped by and we had a ball of fun! Lots of laughing, giggling, eating and of course, some scrappin'! It was so much fun that we're going to try and do it quarterly. Just gotta love scrappin' with people who love it as much as you do!

**Went to Siesta Key, FL for vacation and had a fabulous time with my hubby. I don't think I could ever get my fill of that place. We even rented a convertible to cruise up and down the Keys...ahhhh, paradise! We were also lucky enough to fly First Class on the way home just by asking if we could have exit seats! (love having more leg room!) Love how the village smells like the ocean, the palm trees never stop swaying, the sound of night life, the sandpipers and the sugar white sand under my feet everywhere I go. Love that it's on the sidewalks and follows you wherever you rest you feet.

**I became a Guest Design Team Member for the greatest scrapbooking community there is...!! And I'm having the best time with it! Wow...what an awesome experience to work the most talented Design Team! I'm also lucky enough to work with Beth( and Holly (
) as GDT members as well! Such talent...I know I'll learn so much from all these lovely ladies! And I'm sure I'm going to be so sad when my time is over!

**I spoke with 2 of my online scrappin' friends on the phone...Maryfrances (, owner of Scrapbookeronline. What a terrific lady! And gotta love that Boston accent! I can tell she's a riot and would be the life of the party! And also my dear friend Marjorie Oh gosh...she's just the cutest thing ever. Wish we could have met when our vacation's overlapped in Florida but it was not to be this time. I LOVE how she says my name in her sweet, tiny voice...Neecole? Love ya Marjorie! ((hugs)) to both of these awesome sistas!

**Both of my parents had birthdays in September and look as beautiful as ever!

summer flowers/flowerbeds are all done and cleaned out for the season.
Out of the 4 Chrysanthemum's I planted last fall, only 1 returned, but it's huge and a welcoming site for fall. Also, cut back my wild rose bush and hostas. And now to do my fall decorating inside. I can't get into it. In my mind, I'm still soakin' up the Florida sun...ahhhhh. It's just not fair that it's 85 degrees somewhere else. Maybe I'll decorate in a week or so...maybe not.

**Our pug had a medical emergency last night. Poor thing. She was acting strange all day and then last night, she started shaking, panting and we noticed she was bleeding, so Dan ran her to the vet and turns out she has a severe UTI. My gosh. I felt so bad. Don't know how in the world she got it. She rings the bell to potty every morning and every evening. It's like clockwork. But, nonetheless, a urine test, 1 shot, an envelope of doggie Amoxicillin and $161.00 later, Dan brought the poor thing home. But, Dan said she stuck her cute pug mug out the car window the whole time and hammed it up! :) We'll take her back for a check-up in 3 weeks. Love my little Beijing Ling!

Well, this was fun and I'm sure I forgot many things along the way, but I think I can say I'm pretty well caught up...

Since I'm having so much trouble uploading pics, I put them all in an album for you! Click on the photo below! Once you reach my album, run your cursor over each picture for full caption or click on the photo for a larger view!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!