Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ultra Pro UPDATE...

So, after many emails and several kind scrapbookers trying to help, I still could not find them anywhere! BUT, I'm happy to report that I emailed Ultra-Pro and they told me I could order via order form. So they mailed one to me and I'm ready to order next week! The cool thing is that I can order in bulk - 250 protectors for $100. Not bad at all! My sister, SIL, friend and I are going to split the cost! Sounds good huh? Thanks again for everyone's attempts at helping me! :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Begging and pleading for anyone's help!

Okay, here's my situation...I used to use Pioneer post-bound albums and after filling 5 or 6 of those, I decided to try the 3-ring binder way - well, I LOVE my 3 ring binders now and am already on my 3rd one. My friend Carolyn led me to the Ultra-Pro 12x12 Sheet Protector Refills and I've never looked back! I love that you can complete your layout, slide it in the protector and it's good to go! With my Pioneer albums and refills, I always to to trim a bit off the side and top which was aggravating!

Soooooo, after buying the Ultra-Pro 12x12 Sheet Protector Refills from Hobby Lobby for the last year or so, they are no longer carrying them. :( I found them clearanced one day and since then, they're gone. But, they are not completely discontinued from Ultra-Pro. So I've been on a hunt (been to the Ultra-Pro site and used their retail locator) for anywhere within 100 miles from me who carries them, with no luck. I've called sports memorabilia stores (have learned that Ultra-Pro is a huge brand with baseball card collectors and the like), box stores and scrapbook stores.

This is where all of you come in!! Anyone have any clue where I can a big stash of these? Would love any kind of feedback I can get! Please leave me a comment if you can help in any way! Thanks! :)