Monday, March 03, 2008

Begging and pleading for anyone's help!

Okay, here's my situation...I used to use Pioneer post-bound albums and after filling 5 or 6 of those, I decided to try the 3-ring binder way - well, I LOVE my 3 ring binders now and am already on my 3rd one. My friend Carolyn led me to the Ultra-Pro 12x12 Sheet Protector Refills and I've never looked back! I love that you can complete your layout, slide it in the protector and it's good to go! With my Pioneer albums and refills, I always to to trim a bit off the side and top which was aggravating!

Soooooo, after buying the Ultra-Pro 12x12 Sheet Protector Refills from Hobby Lobby for the last year or so, they are no longer carrying them. :( I found them clearanced one day and since then, they're gone. But, they are not completely discontinued from Ultra-Pro. So I've been on a hunt (been to the Ultra-Pro site and used their retail locator) for anywhere within 100 miles from me who carries them, with no luck. I've called sports memorabilia stores (have learned that Ultra-Pro is a huge brand with baseball card collectors and the like), box stores and scrapbook stores.

This is where all of you come in!! Anyone have any clue where I can a big stash of these? Would love any kind of feedback I can get! Please leave me a comment if you can help in any way! Thanks! :)

8 comments: said...

I would try ebay. And you can leave it as a permanent search and if anyone ever posts some, you will get an email from ebay to go to their site.

Patrizzia mommy to Miabella said...

I have no idea, but I will keep my eye out for you when I go to my hobby lobby. I don't think I can get there until next week. If they have them I will stock up for you!


Kristy said...

Oh man.. that stinks!!! I will keep my eyes peeled! I hate it when something I really like gets discontinued!

Anonymous said...

Oh no- I use the Ultra Pro pages also (and also ordered them from Hobby Lobby- none here in California) Before I found them there, I used to order them direct from Ultra Pro, but now I see that you can't do that anymore. I had a big supply so I haven't needed to get any for awhile! Michaels also stopped carrying them. Try:

3001 West Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, California 91505
818-843-2600 Phone
818-843-8436 FAX

They are great people and I'm sure they can help you.

Nicole said...

Thanks so much for the information Anonymous! Will definitely try out Burbank's! I will say that I ended up emailing Ultra-Pro directly and they're mailing me an order form via snail mail. Will see what materializes from it! Thanks again for your help and Kathi as well! Hope you got my email Kathi!

Corey said...

I wish I was more help

oh, I tagged you :)

LeslieinTN said...

I will check out my HL next time I'm there, too, just in case they have some left. I have a pack I bought for my 3 ring album but never put in and don't know what brand it is. If it is what you want then I'll give them to you. I did buy them at HL. I'll be meandering to my scrap room later and will look!! :)

Maryfrances said...

Hey Nicole...did you find them?