Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365 Photos 3/22 - 3/29 & Sympathy card

Good evening everyone! I have my photos from last week for my Project 365 to share but first a card. I made this for a challenge over at SBO hosted by my friend, Celeste. It's inspired by this Becky Fleck sketch. :)

Isn't that Fiskars Sun Circle border punch so cool? I've had it in my stash for some time and decided to dig it out and try it! I really like it!

Alright, on to the photos!

SUNDAY - No photo! It seems like this is becoming a habit on Sundays!

MONDAY - It was a good mail day! SCRAP FUNSIES!!

TUESDAY - I met my sister-in-law for lunch and we both had Cobb Salads. :)

WEDNESDAY - When I get home from the grocery store, I "process" all my veggies, herbs and meat. I scrub/wash all my veggies, dry them and put them in the crisper. I rinse my herbs (parsley and cilantro this week) and spin them in my salad spinner, then wrap them in paper towels and store them in Ziploc bags in the crisper. I also divide and wrap bigger quantities of meat for the freezer. It's a time saver!

THURSDAY - Uh oh...another no photo day! LOL!

FRIDAY - My mom and I took a trip a to Sam's and came across this FABULOUS patio/pool furniture! Look at that double lounger! I just LOVED it!!

SATURDAY - A stop by McDonald's for a scrumptious Iced Coffee! This particular McDonald's in our town has 2 drive-thru's. Have you seen them? Kind of cool. :) I always wonder how they keep the orders straight because it gets busy and all the cars get out of line it seems! LOL!

So, there you go. Another week in photos! Before you know it, we'll be half way through the year! Time just flies so fast!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Project 365 Photos - 3/15 - 3/21

First of all, YAY for my 100th post!!!!! I totally should have done a giveaway or RAK or something huh? I'm a loser, LOL!

For now, all I have to share with you is my Project 365 photos from last week. Yeah, I know it's Wednesday. I'm a little late. Whatever. :)

Yeah, a shower photo, lol. See that beautiful coral-colored bottle of Caress body wash? I love it. I love the color of the bottle, the bottle design, the name of it - Tahitian Renewal (ahh), the bits of pomegranate seeds in it, just all of it. Now mind you...normally I'm a simple girl when it comes to body wash. Typically, I wouldn't pay $3.50 for a bottle like this, but I admit...I got sucked into the allure of it all and I'm okay with that, this time. :)

Remember last week I told you that I had ordered two subscriptions through my nephew's school fundraiser? Coastal Living arrived last week and this week my first issue of Travel & Leisure arrived. Love it!

I took this photo at an intersection that I find myself at quite a bit. Every time I look across the road throughout the year, it's such a "seasonal" place. Right now, the trees are still sticks and icky brown so I can't wait for Spring to turn it green! There's a nice river under that bridge as well. :)

My pot rack in my kitchen. :) My SIL gave this to me years ago and I still just love it. Crate and Barrel - what's not to love?!

My little nephew and I being silly with my camera. Is he sweet or what? We were giggling and laughing!

On Saturday, hubby came home with subs and surprised me by stopping by our favorite mexican place and picking up chips and salsa. We LOVE them!!

That's as exciting as this post it going to get, LOL!!. Enjoy your evening and thanks for poppin' in! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sympathy card & 99th post!

People, I just realized that this is my 99th post! :)

Just a quick post to share a card I made. Unfortunately it's a sympathy card and I have another one to make this weekend. Sympathy cards are kind of sad to make, huh?

Inside sentiment:

May the memories that fill your heart help to bring you comfort.

I hope you're having a wonderful first day of SPRING! It's a cold one here but the sun is screaming so it's all good! :)

PS - How do I underline in Blogger? Anyone know?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365 Photos - 3/8 - 3/14

Hi everyone! While sitting here watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel (she's in Hawaii this episode and I wanna go!), I thought I'd get last week's photos up. :)

Sunday - It was so nice out that hubby washed our cars!

Monday - Our dog LOVES to sit on the front porch and watch all the comings and goings of the neighborhood, lol.

Tuesday - My nephew had a school program but without the permission of several Kindergarten classes (lol!), I won't post it here.

Wednesday - I was playing with my webcam on my laptop, hee hee!

Thursday - You just don't know how happy this made me. My nephew had a fundraiser and I chose to buy 2 magazine sub's from him - Travel & Leisure and Coastal Living. I received my first issue of CL and for pity's sake, I LOVE IT! I sat for the longest time and soaked every last bit of it up and then I came out of my haze and realized I was back in the Midwest. Ugh! LOL!

Friday - Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE palm trees, right? Well, several MONTHS ago, my Mom was so cute and dropped off 2 rolls of paper towels with palm trees on them. OMGOSH, I just love them but I just couldn't bear to open a roll until this week, lol.

Saturday - Yesterday, my Mom and I sat at my dining room table (my messy, scrap table, lol) and booked a flight for my Dad.

So, there you go! I'm going to work on my journaling for my 365 project this week becasue I'm
B E H I N D!! ;)

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My GINORMOUS Ebay dealio & a layout!

Don't ya just love that word "dealio"? It's hysterical to me! If you've seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite you'll know that was said by Uncle Ricco! What a character! ROFL! I know, stupid movie but it's so dumb it's funny! Okay, I'm cracking myself up!

Anyway,I was reading through my subscribed blogs the other night and came across a post on Adrienne Kennedy's (from My Sentiments Exactly) blog. She had mentioned that MSE was selling units of 100+ sentiment stamps on Ebay and it totally caught my eye. I went to the auction and the current bid was $15.00. I think they were selling either 10 or 20 units between 2 auctions, so I figured I had a chance. Well, I got the dealio for $17! Woohoo!! Check it out! Just a few stamps for my stash, lol! I can't wait to get them!

I also have a couple layouts to share with you. This week, I scrapped a layout using the Fancy Pants Daily Grind line. Sheesh, I just love Fancy Pants these days! I also have the Summer Soiree line coming to me soon!

This is my sister and I last October. She was in a very serious car accident last summer and broke her back in 2 places. On this particular day in this photo, she had just had her back brace removed after having it on for 3 months. It was a day with varying emotions. I am so deeply grateful that she is still on this Earth with me. I can't imagine life without my sister. I just love her so much!
As always, click image for a larger view...

Here are a few close-ups...

Thanks for letting me share and thanks for your visit! I just love all the pop-ins from my blog friends! :) Enjoy your Thursday!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Project 365 Photos - 3/1 - 3/7

Good Sunday everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your day whatever you're doing. :)

The weather is kind of strange here - 60's, overcast, rainy and under a Tornado Watch. I was just outside because the sun started to peek through the clouds and it was raining at the same time so I knew there would be a rainbow. Sure enough, there was a faint one but I couldn't get a photo because my neighbor's house was right in front it, lol. So pretty though and I just love the promise of it!

Okay, another week of Project 365 photos and I have to say...there were two days I didn't take a photo! ACK! LOL! Oh well! Life will go on! ;)

MONDAY - gas price in my area. Is this about average?


WEDNESDAY - drycleaning day for a couple of hubby's suits...

THURSDAY - Our 16th Engagement Anniversary! We went out to dinner but I decided to choose this one of hubby putting some air in my tire at the gas station! LOL!

FRIDAY - YAY for new knobs on my piano! My old ones fell out over the last two years, so it was time to replace...

SATURDAY - Hubby and I went to a gourmet market and it was such a fun time! I took so many photos but I loved this one of the wine department. There was also this chilled compartment of wine and we were trying to scope out the most $$$ bottle and the highest priced one we saw was $300. Sheesh. I can think of MUCH more exciting things to spend my money on! LOL!

So, you remember yesterday when I posted about The Little Professor calculator being an owl? Btw, LOVED all your comments about it! So fun! Well, I went back and edited my post because it was not an owl as I had remembered, lol!! I was thinking of this calculator and although I didn't have one of these (It was called the Quiz Kid), at the time I thought it was cool! Is it just me or are his eyes creepy? LOL!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the evening, especially since it's still light out! YAY!! I love that it's lighter longer! Thanks for poppin' in on my little world! ;)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Quirky bits of this and that...

Good Saturday morning everyone! I love Saturdays, especially when my hubby doesn't have to work. :) I am really looking forward to today. It's supposed to be near 70° and I just know it's going to feel good! I am ready freddy for Spring!

Okay, so just a fun, quirky post for today. I saw this posted on my friend Marjorie's blog and thought I'd give it a whirl. :) I typed my answers out yesterday, so they're one day outdated, lol!

Two Names you go by
1. Nicole
2. Honey

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Grey top
2. Red, grey, black & white pj bottoms

Two of your favorite things to do
1. Go on vacation - especially to the beach!
2. Be with my hubby & family

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. To be healthy
2. Vacation

Two favorite pets you have/had
1. Currently, a Pug - she's 9 years old
2. Fish

Two things you did last night
1. Went out to dinner to celebrate our 12th engagement anniversary
2. Watched American Idol

Two things you have eaten today
1. Cobb salad (made it for dinner)
2. Lebanon bologna for lunch

Two people you last talked to
1. Hubby
2. My very best friend of 17 years

Two Places You have been in the past year
1. Smokey Mountains
2. On the computer, lol

Two favorite beverages
1. Iced green tea with fresh mint
2. Water

If you'd like to play, then play! I'd love to read yours, so let me know if blog it!

Okay, one last thing that's been on mind, lol. Please tell me someone else had The Little Professor calculator when they were little? Remember these? I LOVED mine!! HELLOOOOOOO...remember it was an **owl!?! It's so funny how popular owls still are in scrapbooking and with how much I love them, that it makes perfect sense that I had one when I was young! LOL!
Sooooo, did you have one? I think there was 2 different kinds, but this is the kind I had and I thought it was so cool. :) I'm thinking it was circa 1980 or 1981...

**ETA: I've come back here to say that my recollection of the Little Professor being an owl is wrong, rofl (thanks Leigh for jogging my memory!)! I had another calculator in mind. Will share that one (and it IS an owl, lol) tomorrow! ;) But I still loved my Little Professor either way! ;)

So, that's it! I told you, quirky post! Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Top o' the morning everyone! A few things to share today!

First of all, congratulations all the new Spring/Summer '09 designers over at Citrus Tree Studio (isn't that such a refreshing name? (♥ it!)! Looking forward to their work and inspiration! Check out the complete Design Team!


Congrats also goes out to a few lucky gals who will be Guest Designing this summer. Yep, that #2 is me! YAY! :)



I'm looking forward to Guest Designing this summer!

Okay, a few cards and a layout to share with you. As always, click image for a larger view...

I've scrapped this photo in a mini album last summer but I really wanted it on a layout for my album. This is a family photo (everyone on my Mom's side, minus my cousin who couldn't make it) taken last summer on our family vacation (sort of reunion) in the Smokey's. On the last day, we set up my tripod and camera and had at it.

I made this card for Jan's "Many Manufacturers" Challenge at Scrapbooker Online. Obviously the challenge was to use as many MFG's as possible. So I racked my brain, trying to figure out how I could get a load of MFG's on here. I ran the card through my Sizzix with the Cuttlebug Spots & Dots folder and to get as many MFG's as possible, I got all my individual bags of scraps out (sorted by MFG) and then used a small circle punch to punch various MFG's patterned papers, typing them all out when I used them, lol. I ended up using 45 different MFG's and won the challenge! YAY! Thanks Jan!

I made this for a friend who I thought might need a little pick-me-up this week. It went postal yesterday!

I think that's all for today. Off to run some errands and enjoy the sunshine! Looking forward to rising temps at the end of this week!


Monday, March 02, 2009

Project 365 Photos - 2/22 - 2/28

Good Monday evening everyone! Hope you're all doing well and not buried in too much snow! I am surely tired of winter. We've had a lot of snow and a lot of cold weather and over the last week, I've been really dreaming of Spring. We had a 60° day last week and I just loved sitting on the front steps and knowing that Spring was around the corner. It was so refreshing! Come on warm weather! :)

Can you believe that we're already in week #10 of Project 365?! WOW!

My photos for last week...

Pretty self-explanatory - I made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning. It's a known fact in this house that I can make almost anything from scratch and it comes out wonderful but pancakes are a no-go. I just buy the boxed mix, add water and get it over with! LOL!

NO PHOTO FOR TUESDAY! Not sure what happened, lol!

We ordered Chinese take-out (rather, delivery) for dinner. I ordered something new this time (basically steamed broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts with a yummy sauce & fried rice) and it's my new FAVORITE! DH ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken w/fried rice. Oh and our fortune cookies were hysterical that night. They gave us 4 cookies so we both opened one and they were both missing the fortune! DUDS! LOL! Then we opened our other cookies and mine said "It is time to seek out new friendships" and DH's said "Your decisions made today will be fortunate ones". :)

I decided that I have so much crap I forget that I have (like all us scrappers do!) that I took out some things so I can actually see it all (and use some!) and I still didn't scrap that day. *sigh*

I made a big pot of homemade Spaghetti & Meatballs. I'll freeze some, give some to my parents and keep some in the 'fridge.

It was such a cold night and doesn't it seem like lighting a candle makes it more cozy. I thought so. :)

These were my friend on Saturday with DH coughing and sneezing all over tarnation!

Photo border from Atomic Cupcake

Last week I said I'd share some cards and never did, so I'll be back tomorrow with those cards and 2 more cards and a layout I made this weekend. :)

Enjoy your evening ladies!