Saturday, April 21, 2007

Okay, first of all, I'd like to give my blog a virtual hug. Sorry you've been so terrible neglected! LOL! And second, my banner is driving me nuts. Why has it gone off to the right? Ugh, I hate it when things aren't centered. Anyway...onward and upward.

There is no point in back-peddling for the last 8 years on this thing...okay, so that is exaggerating, I know. But it has been many months, so I'll just say that I'd really like to make an effort and blog my heart out.
Kelli and
Carolyn ...kick me in the hiney every now and then okay? I need it!

And speaking of Carolyn, the good ol' sista tagged me, so I can't very well go around not fulfilling my tagging duties, so here goes! ;)

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. (It's really fun reading about everyone!) And I totally deleted the part about tagging 7 other people...what a pooper I am huh? LOL! Here's my random facts!

1. Drinking dill pickle juice from the jar makes me so happy!

2. Eating leftovers completely grosses me out. Especially if it has meat in it. You will rarely ever find leftovers in my fridge...ever!

3. I am in love with Siesta Key, FL. If it were possible, I think we'd move there in a heartbeat!

4. If the sound of chirping birds wake me up in the morning, it makes me so mad! I mean come on...woodpecker at the break of dawn? Can't he do that at lunchtime? Although, I really love the sound of Morning Doves.

5. I wish I knew my Grandpa on my Dad's side. A big part of me wishes I could just call him and ask him what he's like..especially now that he's dying of cancer. It burns in my heart even more. It's sad to think that he's a part of me, I just don't know what part. I wonder..

6. I have never been to a funeral...ever. And I've only been to one viewing when I was young.

7. Big crowds make me nerveous and I hate walking into one alone.

So, there ya go..that was fun!

Well, this is a perfect week to update...there are so many things happening and they all make me happy!! They also remind me (rarely do I ever forget though) that I have the most genuine, loving and caring husband. How did I get so lucky and what did I ever do to become so blessed? Dan had went to our local
Winan's (there are 3 in our 2 neighboring cities and several others nationwide) a week ago, to buy a chocolate/coffee giftbasket for a customer. While he was in there, he saw a lady who was merchandising, walked right up to her (that is so Dan...confident!) and told her "my wife is a card-maker and she's very good at it. I can imagine her cards would fit here nicely, would you be interested?". She said "that sounds like a great idea". "Here's my name and number, have her call me and we'll set up an appointment to look at her samples". And just like that, my husband came home, told me everything, I called her and the rest is history. How amazing is that? Pretty amazing I'd say. And here's the history...

I went it to meet her last Wednesday, taking about 15 samples of all different captions, but keeping in mind the holidays that the shop would display for. I walked in and it's quite quaint but inviting. Everything is done in black, browns and creams. There's a coffee bar, a chocolate case, shelves lining the walls that are packed with chocolates and candies. There are small round tables for sitting with some filled with displays of boxef chocolates and bags of goodies. The two front windows are decorated for Spring with bright lime green, fuschia pinks, oranges and turquoise gerber daisies. There were girls working up gift baskets and the coffee machines were whirring away. I instantly felt welcomed the minute I met her. She said "Hi Nicole, I am so glad your husband approached me. I just can't wait to see your cards!". She was very friendly and after talking with her, I felt like I had known her for a long time. She went through my cards one by one and commented on all of them and I could tell she truly thought they were terrific! I was sitting there, dressed to the nine's, hair all curled and putting on my confident front, while all the time I was frightened as anything. LOL! She came across one that I had made for a housewarming, she gets up, walks to the front where there was a big chocolate basket that was in the shape of a house, and tucks it in...she says "now how cute is that?". Well, inside I am freaking out at this point! LOL! We continue looking through them and she comes across my Mother's Day card that I had made...all in fuschia, orange, turquoise and greens. She just loved it! Mind you, it was my most labor-intensive card. I had hand-cut the flowers from a sheet of BG paper, as well as machine stitched the stems. During the meeting, she said "Nicole, we have a client who orders 300 gift baskets at Christmas, I just know she would want anything unique and I think your cards would be perfect." In my mind I'm thinking.."300 cards!! WOOHOO! I might have to start making them now but's all good!" LOL! She also starts telling me that their colors aren't yet picked for this holiday and that holiday but that she'd like me to coordinate my cards with it, when the time comes. THEN, she says "Nicole, would you be interested in putting together my gift baskets in Oct-Dec? You could have as many or as little hours as you'd like. I think you'd be great, but I certainly wouldn't want to take away from your card-making." So, she told me to think about it. So, the meeting was quick and perfect. She said "I'm going to give these to Mr. so and so and I'll let you know what he thinks and we'll go from there." Okay, meeting is over, I'm walking to my car and (this is so me) fighting back my screams of excitement and tear of joy, get into my car, make sure no one can see me and ball like a baby!! LOL! I was so excited! I said a prayer and thanked HIM for a good meeting and asked for HIS will whatever it may be. :) So, she calls me the next day and leaves me a message (I was gone) and says that Mr. so and so thought they were FANTASTIC and wants to talk pricing AND AND...wants to know if I'd be interested in also doing their 8.5x11 advertising for their tables and windows!!! Well, like I wasn't exicited enough already, I'm standing there by the answering machine dancing around the living room, tears flowing AGAIN! I just can't believe it. So, I called Dan and asked him about pricing, talked my sista Carolyn and asked her advice and talked to Maryfrances who was so supportive!! Thanks a heap to all of you! I called her back, gave her my price (they will buy the cards from me, then sell them for whatever they want in retail) and she said she probably wouldn't call until next week...well, she called yesterday morning and said "Mr. so and so wants to place an order!" Well, I completely and utterly was just going crazy inside my head. So, he wants 24 of my Mother's Day cards and 12 graduation cards that'll match up with the area schools. AND my cards will be in ALL 3 stores!! They want the Mother's Day cards by next Friday, so I instantly freak out realizing that I don't have enough of that particular BG paper and I don't have enough of that particular May Arts ribbon do 24 cards, so I call MF and can I just say...MF, you are SO awesome for taking your time and truly being so supportive! Huge ((HUGS)) to you! THANK YOU! Also a very special to my're quite a man, Dan the man! Love you and thanks for believing in me! ;)

So...that's my story and I'm definitely sticking to it! I feel rejuvinated (sp?), confident and blessed beyond words! Now, I just hope that they sell...but I also know that if they don't, it's for a reason. It IS for a reason and I WILL accept that!

And as ashamed as I am, I've never posted about being asked to become a full time Design Team member on
Scrapbooker Online's Design Team. When Maryfrances asked me, I was SO stinkin' exicted (I'm sure there was more living room dancing going on!) and I'm having the time of my life. It's such an awesome experience and working with such talented designers, I feel truly blessed. And MF...well, she's a wonderful person to "work" for and a good friend. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I hope I'm doing the position justice! Thanks so much!

This update has now taken me an hour to type up and for those of you who haven't fallen asleep by now, I'm sorry! LOL! But I've really loved every minute of it! Thanks again to Carolyn and Kelli for the push! And btw fun having you around SBO more! ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

ScrapbookerOnline's April Contest!

Since April is the fourth month is going overboard with FOURS! Good luck everyone!

April Contest rules & details: * Submit a scrapbook layout that contains:

* a four letter word title (rated PG please)
* four photos
* four different patterned papers
* four lines of journaling

Only ONE submission per person will be accepted. Please forward journaling in plain text along with the photo.

NOTE: No previously published work will be accepted.

1. All images will be displayed in our monthly contest gallery.
2. Open to US and Canada residents only.
3. Please include a supply list.
4. Our winner will be notified by e-mail and must respond within 2 weeks of notification.
5. Winner will be announced in our monthly newsletter and on our site.
6. Winning Layout: Our Design Team will select one winning layout. The winner of this contest will receive a $25.00 gift certificate for our online store.
7. All entries must be received between April 1, 2007 & April 30, 2007.

*Submissions can be made by emailing Or by uploading it to the "April: Four 4’s" contest gallery" MORE at