Monday, July 31, 2006

On cloud 9, on cloud 9, on cloud 9!! I received the best piece of mail today (aside from all the lovely recipe cards from SBO's recipe swap..thanks ladies!)... our confirmation letter from Cathi in Siesta Key, Florida, (see my banner!) confirming our vacation reservations!! I can hardly stand it! This will be our 3rd year going and I can hardly wait! Awwwwww...I can already feel the sand between my toes! :)

In my scrapping world, it's been a very productive and creative last few weeks. I had an absolute ball participating in the SBO July Contest! I have 3 LO's and a card that I'm very proud of! All of the entries were awesome and I think it pulled some of us out of our scrappin' slump. Maryfrances, owner and Big Sis of SBO, posted Augusts' Contest Details today and it sounds like another fun one! Come on over and join the fun! You won't be sorry! Carolyn was also sweet enough to host a Christmas in July contest. The winner will be randomly picked and will receive a MM foam stamps/paint set. Which by the way...C's little boy Seth just picked the winner and she's holding us all hostage about it! LOL...anyway, the challenge was fun! I combined Carolyn's challenge with MF's "Friendship" Weekend Challenge and completed a LO using my good friend, Brendas', photo. Thanks for the super photo Brenda and thanks for the challenge C and MF! Here's my LO. (I tried to upload the rest of my LO's from July's Contest but Blogger is being a pain!)

On my scrap table right now....I'm looking forward to working in Patty's circle journal next. Her theme is "Why I like being a girl". Should be a fun project. I also need to start working on my nieces Sophmore HS year album. Her mom brought all the newspaper clippings, report cards, photos and awards over, so that's also on my list of things to start. I scrapped her Freshman year last year as well and it turned out nice. Add a couple of cards to this week's "to do" list and Corey's "Hand-write your title" Challenge and I'm all set. Hope I didn't forget anything! WHEW!

Bought a 1 GB memory card for my digi. I had a 256 MB card but with vacation coming up, I wanted one that would hold a LOT more photos so I went for it! Can't wait to fill it up! I have a feeling I'll be taking both of them! LOL...

Hope everyone is well. Look for my next post in the fall...LOL! Totally sarcastic there...I'm going to make a good, solid effort to keep this up. It's fun once I sit and post. I know if I'd do it more often it wouldn't be such a loooooooooooooooooong post! :)

BTW Mf....thanks for the push! ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just want to take a moment to wish my beautiful friend Marjorie, a VERY Happy Birthday today! Wishing you much, much happiness on your special day! :) (pardon the date of this post....her birthday is July 7th and since she's in Hawaii and 6 hours behind, it's still her birthday in her world! LOL!)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Okay, the arrangement of these photos are not how I would have liked...I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing.

Hope you and your family had a nice 4th of July! Here are a few photos from our town's fireworks. Hubby and I had planned to go to my brother's to spend the day there but the weather was not cooperating so we didn't go. Bummed we were!! So instead, we started the day off by going to a small all-day carnival that's held at one of our local parks. Hence the picture of the funnel cake...can't leave a carnival with one...or two! Well, you could but that would just be craziness! LOL! We ended the night by watching our town's fireworks with my sister and her family, from our driveway. We have a really nice view, thanks to a tree that was struck by lightning a couple of years ago! And then after the "grand finale" of fireworks, hubby and I sit on the front porch and watch all the traffic. The park is so close to our house, that the streets are lined with cars, parked bumper to bumper. Lots of brake lights, families with strollers and oodles of teenagers! We just sat there with our dog and our sparklers! Happy 4th everyone! Hope yours was a memorable one!

As far as the scrapping world goes, I have a few challenges that I'd like to do..Janet's Mono challenge, Corey's Patriotic challenge and of course SBO's July contest. The sketch for week 1 looks awesome and I'd like to give it a try! And of course, there's always general scrapbooking thatI'd like to get caught up on. I was recently backing up all my photos and can't believe how many I've taken over the past couple of months! Better get crackin' on some LO's!! Happy scrappin' fellow srappers!