Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365 Photos - 3/8 - 3/14

Hi everyone! While sitting here watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel (she's in Hawaii this episode and I wanna go!), I thought I'd get last week's photos up. :)

Sunday - It was so nice out that hubby washed our cars!

Monday - Our dog LOVES to sit on the front porch and watch all the comings and goings of the neighborhood, lol.

Tuesday - My nephew had a school program but without the permission of several Kindergarten classes (lol!), I won't post it here.

Wednesday - I was playing with my webcam on my laptop, hee hee!

Thursday - You just don't know how happy this made me. My nephew had a fundraiser and I chose to buy 2 magazine sub's from him - Travel & Leisure and Coastal Living. I received my first issue of CL and for pity's sake, I LOVE IT! I sat for the longest time and soaked every last bit of it up and then I came out of my haze and realized I was back in the Midwest. Ugh! LOL!

Friday - Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE palm trees, right? Well, several MONTHS ago, my Mom was so cute and dropped off 2 rolls of paper towels with palm trees on them. OMGOSH, I just love them but I just couldn't bear to open a roll until this week, lol.

Saturday - Yesterday, my Mom and I sat at my dining room table (my messy, scrap table, lol) and booked a flight for my Dad.

So, there you go! I'm going to work on my journaling for my 365 project this week becasue I'm
B E H I N D!! ;)

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are!


mustangkayla said...

That picture of your dog is too darn cute!

SAR girls said...

Happy Sunday right back at ya, Nicole! Love your photos.

I can totally see you getting lost in your new CL mag-and yay for you helping your nephew out!

pattiwest said...

hi Nicole! Love all of your photos...but that Bejing just steals my heart!! She's a real peach, I tell ya! happy day!

Daniela said...

Your photos are always so fun!!! Love the one of the car wash, at first I thought it was raining.
I caught up on journaling last week.

Corey said...

I'm just LOL at the paper towels and you hoarding them! :)

love the pic of you and I still wish I had your hair!!!

Marjorie said...

Iaagree with your hair. My fave, you desk top. Makes me feel right at home. *smiles*

Ingrid said...

Great pics, Nicole. I love the pic of your dog. I enjoy reading about your week.

Rebecca said...

Awesome photos for your 365 Nicole and I love the digi frames you use.

ellen s. said...

your dog is a sweetie! you know i love your photos and it makes me smile to realize we have the same papertowels! are the the 1/2 ones? we use them to conserve and i love them.

Beth said...

yay for you girl! those are very cute paper towels. :-)

Adora Concepcion said...

i love all the photos nicole! SO awesome. weekend as usual went by too fast for me!

Carolyn Lontin said...

Great photos - I especially love the one of you w/ your webcam!!