Monday, January 15, 2007

Ribbonstiff from Strano Designs

RibbonStiff is a very cool product that will make it's debut at CHA at the end of the month! How very exciting! And the DT at SBO was lucky enough to work with it! Although I wanted to think a little more outside the box, it didn't happen. But I did come up with a couple of cards. The black topiary card is my favorite. And Strano's ribbon is gorgeous! Such beautiful colors and of the upmost highest quality! And it's available HERE!

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Forever Classic meets endless possibilities.

Strano Designs is taking ribbon creativity to a whole new level with RibbonStiff™ -- premium ribbon stiffener and adhesive. Very simply brush a thin coat of acid-free RibbonStiff™ onto the desired length of Strano Designs 100% acetate ribbon to create an entirely new medium especially well-suited for paper crafting. Used as an adhesive, RibbonStiff™ will dry flat, flexible and clear, securing ribbon onto paper, chipboard, book board or any crafting project. RibbonStiff™ enables ribbon to easily be used as journal, album or book binding. Ribbon stiffened using RibbonStiff™ can be die-cut, punched or embossed. Strano Designs suggests using QuicKutz® products for best results.

RibbonStiff is acid free, non-flammable and dries clear.

Strano takes ribbon where no ribbon has gone before. And without fraying!

Once treated with RibbonStiff™, ribbon will not fray. Cuts will stay clean and crisp. Shapes will hold. Beauty and strength will bind.

Visit Ribbonstiff for ideas and inspiration.

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KKahle-2-b-4ever said...

that looks like some stuff that I would use...I will have to get some when it comes out...tfs!!!
I like the cards you made...

Laurie Star said...

Hey Nicole!

Just checking out your blog! Love those cards! Cool stuff!

KSmith said...

now I can't wait to try it out.