Friday, October 26, 2007

Small catch-up...

This makes me Paper Source catalog that arrived in my mailbox. I love looking through each page, drooling over the wicked cute projects and paper goods. Makes me feel like I can make anything from bits of paper. They're a bit pricey though, so I've never ordered from them but I'd love to visit a store some day.

Well fall has definitely arrived, finally. Not complaining though. We've had such a warm season and it's been nice. Last year after coming home from our Florida vacation, I felt so down and depressed that I had to come home to snow the beginning of October. After laying on the beach in 85 degree weather, it's a shock to come home to falling snow and 30 degree temps. This year has been a little easier considering I put my fall decorations up two weeks BEFORE vacation and it's been so warm since coming home. They're saying our first frost will be Sunday night. Hoping it'll give Dad some allergy relief. Hate to see him suffer so.

Dan and I took Beijing for a walk on the bikepath this past Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day. Took 186 photographs (and scattered them about this post) on our short walk and enjoyed every minute. The trees were such beautiful colors! Beijing rustled through the leaves and enjoyed the exercise I'm sure. A couple of people have said that lately she's putting on her winter weight. She must be getting ready for her Pug hibernation, LOL. We only walked a mile, but for me that's pretty impressive. ;)

My scrapping world needs a little boost. I feel uninspired lately and I absolutely hate that feeling. I know it happens to all of us at one time or another but it's annoying. Even all the new things I've bought just sit on my table staring at me. Sure wish they'd pop up and slap me one. My new CK and BHG have shown up in my mailbox as well, but still no inspiration. Someone better light a fire under me quick as I have SEVERAL projects that I have to get working on!! Deadlines aren't going to wait for me!

While in Florida and driving to Tampa to catch our flight home, I found a little scrap store called Scrap Happy in Bradenton and it was a cute store. LOTS of QK dies, so I bought this palm tree and this sanddollar to use with my Sizzix BigKick. Thought it was appropriate considering I'll have loads of Florida layouts soon to come! Also bought this Heidi Swapp stamp , new AC alpha stickers, Primas, Blue Hills Studio flowers and lots of paper! Now if I can only get scrapping!

Speaking of vacation, it was again divine this year. Lots of laying on the beach, sightseeing, beach-combing, eating, eating and more eating, swimming in the Gulf and in the pool at the house. We rented a PT Cruiser Convertible and it was such a fun car to get around in! Dan came out of the Alamo office in Tampa and said "which do you want...a VW Beetle (Bug) convertible or a PT Cruiser convertible. I went with the PT figuring with all our luggage it might have a bit more room! LOL! And hey...for all you camera-obsessed peeps like me, a convertible is a perfect car to get some great shots in! Just point it up and around and start shooting! ;) Will share vacation shots later...
Since September, I've been basking in the glow of owning a new Canon 30D and 2 lenses (a 50mm f/1.8 and 28-135mm IS)! I've been enjoying every second and have so much to learn. I thank my friend Becky who has ever so helpful in being patient with me, answering my many questions and helping me learn. Thanks sista!
Will post more at a later date. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Marjorie said...

Love all of your photos dear friend. You are sure enjoying your new camera. Isn't it fun?

{patty} said...

Love your post Nicole, it is so enjoyable! You need to post more often, I love *listening* to you talk! Your photos are awesome!!

Marti said...

I have to agree with Marj and Patty, you're pictures are awesome.
I love how vibrant the colors are. I love fall pictures. Glad to see you posting again.

Krystin said...

I, too, am so in love with your photos. I wish so badly that we got colours like that here in makes me miss home.
So good to hear about everything...can't wait to see pics of your vacation.

Jolene said...

Yep, here's me, standing in line with all the others GASPING at your amazing photos. The third one is my absolute favorite. And hey, as your friend I am obliged to do the work of those supplies on your desk and smack some mojo into you if they don't. ;) JK! Love ya!!

Corey said...

great photos...I want that mag! thanks for bloggin' sista!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I love your sand dollar pics! I am fascinated by them - we don't have them here. I just love all your photos and your revamped page. Love hearing all your goings on.
Sending you scrappy hugs to help you get inspired!!!!
I always think it is better to ease up on the guilt and then you are free to choose to scrap instead of feeling like you should be! Love always, Shell