Friday, July 04, 2008


Okay, so you're still going to have to wait for the "big fat post". Cut me some slack, it's CHA season! ;) I WILL do it next week though. I've already started the draft, lol.

First and foremost, as I said it's CHA season so I have a few Clear Scraps projects to share with you (will share more later!)! I've linked a few of the releases and will link the rest once they're on the website. Clear Scrap's summer release is full of new goodies including:

Custom Wordbooks - you order the letters (up to 8) for the word you'd like as your book. If you'd like to do something like "My Boys" or "Fun Times" or whatever, they give you a spacer to use between words. Very cool!

XL Shapes - these are all between 11.5" - 12" (approx.) and come in a variety of shapes:
Funky Heart
2 different kind of brackets
Postage stamp
2 different die-cut shapes (one scalloped and one not - similiar to this shape as well one that has a scalloped-type edge- sorry, no official name this shape yet, but I LOVE it!)
And maybe even a couple more shapes. I don't have the complete list, sorry!
And last but not least, a standing frame (see calendar below) as well as an easel. So, lots to choose from and the XL size is awesome!

I made this clock using the XL circle shapes. There are 2 circle shapes back to back behind the clock as well as one covering the front. The only thing that is exposed is the hardware on the front.

For this project, I used a Clear Scraps Frame, I took all the tabbed pages from (3) 6x6
Tab Albums (12 pages total for the 12 months), punched holes in the frame (to use as a display stand) with my Crop A Dile and attached the rings and tabbed pages for a 12 month flip calendar! I'm happy with how this turned out and mostly because it's functional. I'm not much of an alterer because I don't care to have stuff hanging around. If it's functional, I'm happy. :)

This is how it started...all nekked and everything, lol.



NOTES - On the back of each calendar page for me to write notes/birthdays/holidays etc.


To make this layout, I used a pair of XL Brackets and a 12x12 acrylic sheet (it's a clear lo, not white). The photo is one that I took of one of the lifeguard towers on Siesta Beach in Siesta Key, FL.

That's it for now, but more to come! Stay tuned for a Clear Scraps RAK opportunity! Enjoy your Saturday!


Marjorie said...

Love the clock and the calendar. Nice to see a post. *smiles*

Dawn said...

Very cute stuff! I just love that calander!!

NanaBeth said...

These are truly awesome.

LaurieStar said...

Wow that calendar is too pretty! Love it!